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quality Telecommunications products and services for Medical practices.

HIPAA Compliant Phone & Fax Services

Helping cope with COVID-19

We understand the current crisis is causing a lot of strain on the healthcare industry. That’s why we are offering you an additional 10% discount now through
July 31, 2020.

System Evaluation

The best medical VoIP services can enhance your internal and external communications. We compare your existing system & equipment to ensure we deliver the highest quality.

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The Physician Alliance Special

Additional 10% OFF all new orders through July 31st


Premise-based and Hosted-VoIP Telephone Solutions


Network support equipment


Flat Panel T.V. installations for your Patient waiting area


Overhead Paging Systems


Surveillance Grade Camera Systems


Cat-5 & Cat-6 Cabling

Telephone Solutions and Services

Exclusive program offering to The Physician Alliance Membership

There has never been a better time to evaluate how you are communicating with your patients. For many years, the premise-based phone cabinet shared space in a closet, sometimes next to a sink where systems are vulnerable to water damage. This technology has and still works well in most cases, except and especially in challenging times like what we are facing now.

Discounted monthly services

Flat rate pricing for on-site service calls

Complementary consulting and bill review

Discounted hardware and rental fees

Hosted Technology

Hosted technology has become the leader in voice solutions, as expected. Why own expensive dedicated equipment with licensing fees and on-site service calls, driving up your annual office expenses? We understand exactly how healthcare operations run and we customize solutions to fit your needs. Coupled with a great selection of wired and wireless headsets, your staff can work hands-free.

Medical VoIP Technology

On-hold recordings inform patients of wait time, as well as provide important information about practice and doctors.

Our systems centralize communications for billing, accounting, records, and scheduling of multi-location practices.

Polycom Desk Sets

Starting at just $139.99.

Yealink Desk Sets

Starting at just $149.99.

POE Switch Ports

Starting at just $79.99.

Patch panel

Starting at just $89.99.

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